Summer Solstice: there and back
June 21-22, 2002

Pre-Show @ Home 6pm-8pm - from work no naps

Ironed my shirt, gathered supplies, biked out.

Zorba's in Greektown, there when you need it.

Skybridge still looks good.
Please, no beige stucco paneling!

Blue Line: Grand to Damen

Velcro failure!

Close call.

So... thirsty..... must ... get ... Vitamin Water....
Mini-Mart -- I am at your mercy!

Encounters with an Oriental Whore
Heaven Gallery - 1550 N. Milwaukee

Whoa. I'm impressed already. Nice sign.

Yoshie gives me the VIP tour, too good to be true!

Smart & Sexy: the dirty pictures are under wraps

"Oh my..."

The bedroom was the best, see for yourself

Isaac recieves the Most Creative Use of Heaven Award
(I receive most stunned look award)

MCA 10pm

We cab it from Heaven to the MCA.

There's EdMar... in ghost form!

Logan on bike... whoosh...

Brien looks starried eyed at the huge projections on the wall


The silent dancers were very bizarre to watch

Quicktime Movie - 700k

"... watching you watching me watching you watching me ..."

That's making me thristy -- time to go to Walgreen's

The Walgreen's Connection

Bizness to be taken care of: junk, food & cashback

These women are so pissed I had to redo my
transaction, I wasted 30 seconds of their life!

Maybe I should stick out my tongue next time

Or smile pleasantly.

Santi lends me his hat, I contemplate these things.

Kelly is tired of standing in front of Walgreen's
If her right eye doesn't say it then what does?

Mellisa's eyes are saying the same thing. We split.

MCA Redux 12pm

Dancefloor tradition was being passed down on the stage.

Quicktime movie (947kb)

Upstairs in Puck's - VJ Tek gave the rods and cones a work out

The lawn was well guarded, and this man saw to it

Dan showin' his lady Selina some love.

The hand of God appears between these two. Whoa.

Back inside the Gursky exhibit I take a couple photos
"Pssst... honey I think someone is taking our picture!"

"He is! You perv!"
Then they ran out the emergency door

The guards came to turn off the alarm

Mellisa and Kelly enjoy the commotion.

Time to look once more at the exhibit. Look at my fovourites.

This guy is buggin'

This dude is flexin'

This guy is tripping balls.... "My hands look sooo weird, whoa"


12:50 - eRetro program: begin

Time to inflate chairs & roll out the carpet.

Ed "Lalo" Mar tests the quality of the living room set up

DJ Spin Laden reads the crowd, preparing a DJ
set for all to enjoy - mom, dad, and kids alike!

The Polystation is online, junk food is being eaten.


Mark V did some awesome GameBoy synthesized music
I played video games and ate junk food. Really fun.
So fun I didn't take a single picture... my bad.


Spectronix and Selina are up. Selina works the video
P.S. I love Funky Rumsfeld

Quicktime video (2MB)

Dan Bitney works the drums

Logan and Doug at the command center, head's boppin'

Video Ape 3:30am

Awww shit! It's off the hizzy!

Hot Tub Gary and Video Ape workin' it!

Damn... this shit's HOT!

"Monkey see, monkey do -- Fuck You!"

Quicktime clip (2.6MB)

4:00 am Videoke

Things are getting strange.

(yes, that's a girl doll in a pink wig to the back right)

This man is blown away!


These guys made some funky beats

Logan just had to dance

Quicktime clip (734kb)

Program End 5:18 am

Lights came up, Mellisa and Doug recline
Ed, Doug, and Kelly, converse... what now?

These people couldn't believe it, they just sat their for hours

These folks knew what was up, time to grab some shut eye.

Time to have a smoke in the in the dressing room.
Dave checks his watch, what time is love?

OK, everyone drank enough water?
Cheese!... uhh, Cheese! uhh... *click*

Dressing room + shower + Doug with no sleep =

"Haha fooled you, I'm not wet at all!"

6:12am Outside

Back outside: markers + dumbfucks = defacement

            Time to go to the lake

Elisa and Santi smile and nod politley at my insane ramblings.


Group Tai Chi


I took a break from photos, drank the free frappachinos,
te free Krispy Cream donuts and Panera pastry.
Chatted with Elisa, Santi and his brother Victor.

Puck's was turned into a bazaar of music, noise and tubes.

I found some mogentic toys downstairs & made a picture.

The breakdancers were awesome !

The lil tykes (this kids like 8) just love attempting the headspins.
The lil' cholos are so cute, they just keep tryin' and tryin'...

Then no more picture memory...

That's OK, I danced up a storm in the back tent, those
polyrhythmic world beats make me dance all crazy like.

Saturday 4pm-12am

Ed drove me and the equipment home, went to see the
Secret Life of Alter Boys neither Mellisa, Curt, Kelly,
nor myself were very impressed. Midnight: finally sleep.

Sunday Morning. Got my bike from the Grand Ave blue line

And road into the the Summer of Love

Joel Bruner
27 Jun 2002