Due to current trends in the American finincial market, i.e. an economy based off of terror and an overwhelming bunker mentality we at Bruner & Bay are restructing to serve you the community better. What exactly does this mean. It means in a few short weeks we will be closing our doors to remodel and reorganize. Through this process we hope to not only increase our market share but expand our penetration in diverse holdings--namely web, print and physical based mediums.

So what does this mean to you? Why should you care?

Because a process like this means a company like ours has to cut the fat, trim up. Insted of padding our annual report with fake figures and sketchy sales figures, we decided to raise capital the ole fashioned way....a garage sale. Thats right its time to purge illgotten gains and pass the savings on to you our loyal share holders. Yep thats right incredilbe deals to be found a plenty. We are talking cheap axcess to technolgy and entertainment for personal and professional consumption. As we face the prospect of continuing to produce and present culture in these trying times we invite you into our offices to help us raise funds.

Welcome us into your home
Our possesions into your life
Insure our future,

Logan Bay
Director of P.R. & Marketing

Joel Bruner
Human Resources (not the evil kind)

Bruner & Bay